18 février 2013

Inscription sur Au Pair World et Au pair.com

1 ère Etape validé!!!!

Je me suis inscrite sur le site Au pair World. J'ai créée un profil fille au pair. Avec pour exigence : une famille avec des enfants de 6-16ans, vivant dans une grande ville au Royaume Uni pour un séjour entre 3 et 6 mois (idéalement 4 mois).

Mon anglais est un peu approximatif mais compréhensif (je pense)!

Voici un premier jet de ma description :

"Dear family,

I suggest you to integrate me in your little (or big!) family to be an “older sister” for your children and maybe relieve you of certain tasks. I Hope that my profile will interest you and I apologize for the eventual mistakes of grammar!

 My name is Advenae and I’m lucky to live on a paradise island
named Reunion Island where family values are the center of all.

Iam a dynamic person, generous, happy and friendly. I love traveling,
I have done a lot of travels in Asia and Europe and like to discover
new activities, humor, dance. I practice Yoga (to stay Zen) and a
little bit rollerblade for fun!

I'm 27 and  independant, I live alone in my little house (located at
500 meters from my family), and cook and household chores are part of
my daily life. I know what is it to have responsibilities.
Actually I work in a bank in my country. I'm open mind and I adapt
easily to others people that I joined.

With children iam patient and calm. I was lucky to occupy of two
angels (xxx 7 years and xxx 11 years, today) one weekend per
month (more time when I didn’t work), and until now they embellish
my life and consider me as their sister of heart. When i was at the
university i did some baby sitting too and always took care of my
little sister.
it’s so nice to watch children grow up, help them to learn a lot of
thing for their lives and there’s nothing more honest then glowing
eyes and a big hug!!

To live news experiences and improve my English, I decided to leave a
year my island and go in England to start.
I want to be an au pair because for me the best way to discover new
culture and make a total immersion in a country, is to integrate you
into a local family dynamic with the joy of living of a child."

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